Drop Everything And Head To These 9 Islands Near Australia Now

Are you confused about where to go? It’s okay to be confused. This article will provide a list with the top 9 islands in Australia that you can visit while on vacation.

  • Bruny Island

Bruny Island, a 362-kilometre-long island off the coast of Tasmania, Australia is 362. Bruny Island is a popular day trip spot for tourists who visit Australia’s largest island. The island’s most scenic natural feature is the narrow isthmus connecting North Bruny and South Bruny. There are many things to see, including fairy penguins, seal colonies, amazing beach walks, and towering cliffs. This is the best island for holiday.

Distance to Australia 2357km

  • Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island, located 8 km offshore of Townsville in Queensland, Australia, is an island called “Magic Island”. The island’s more than half is covered by National Parks that provide sanctuary for animals such as wallabies and wild koalas. The coral reef “Maggie”, a coral reef, is a popular spot to snorkel. Captain Cook named the island after the magnetic effect it had upon his ship’s compass. This is one of the most popular winter destinations in Australia.

Distance to Australia – 1506km

  • Christmas Island

Christmas Island, located south of Java, Indonesia, is an Australian territory in India Ocean. The island’s fauna and flora are largely indigenous, and over 60% of its lands are protected by National parkland. Christmas Island’s most well-known endemic species is the red crabs. Each year, around November, the annual red crab mass migration towards the sea is considered one of nature’s greatest wonders. This is one of the most beautiful tropical islands near Australia.

Distance to Australia – 3385km

  • Phillip Island

Every year, more than three million tourists visit Phillip Island. It is a great place to see penguins in their natural habitat. Phillip Island is a popular summer escape for Melburnians. It’s also a well-known surf spot. You can also enjoy biking, fishing, and sailing. Wallabies, wombats and kangaroos call the island home.

Distance to Australia – 1819km

  • Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, located in Western Australia, is just offshore of Perth. Rottnest Island is the most well-known of all the hundreds of West Australian islands. It’s best known for its quokka population. The island is a great place to swim, with its beautiful reef and many beaches. Because the only transport allowed on the island is the Government vehicles, biking is the best way to explore it.

Distance to Australia – 28 km

  • Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, shaped like a crescent moon is a remote tropical island located between Australia and New Zealand. This is an ideal spot for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. There are many birds that nest on the island. Grab your binoculars to become a bird-watcher. Mount Gower, the island’s highest peak, is available for adventurers.

Distance to Australia: 2563km

  • Kangaroo Island

The National Parks cover more than a third the island, where thousands of wallabies and koalas can roam free. You will also find a variety of sea-going animals, including penguins, fur seals, and sea lions. The island of Australia offers a full adventure package, including sand dunes at Little Sahara, rocky formations, caves, and Flinders Chase national park.

Distance to Australia 1212 km

  • Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located off Australia’s east coast and stretches for over 120 km. Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, the ocean has deposited sand along its shores. The island is not desert. Fraser is known for its large population of dingoes and is considered one of the most beautiful places to see humpback whales.

Distance to Australia 44 km

  • Whitsunday Island

The Whitsundays consist of 74 islands that are located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This island is made up of remnants from volcanoes that once erupted many years ago. The Whitsunday Islands are home to some of Australia’s most beautiful and surreal landscapes. The silica in the white sands prevents heat retention and makes it ideal for relaxing barefoot on the beach.

Distance from Australia: 853 km

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