Sydney In December: What To Expect From This Absolute Gem Of Australia

December is Sydney’s summer start month. The average daytime temperature is between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature can reach 26 degrees Celsius. The city is close to the ocean so there will be a breeze that blows through the city. This won’t make it too hot in Sydney in December. It will be mostly pleasant. It is why tourists love to visit Sydney in December. The peak season for tourists in Sydney is summer.

13 Things You Should Do in Sydney in December

There are so many things you can do in Sydney. Here’s a list that you should not miss during your December vacation.

  • New Year’s Eve at Sydney Harbour

Sydney is known for its New Year’s Eve fireworks display, laser works, and other specialties. The sky explodes with fireworks that light up the night sky, creating a unique experience. The scene is elevated to a new level by the stunning backdrop of the Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House.

The ceremony features two fireworks, one for children at 9:00pm and one for adults at 12:00am. This sets off the New Year in an impressive way.

  • A romantic dinner on the Cruise

Do you and your spouse plan to travel to Sydney in December? You can begin your trip with a relaxed breakfast, followed by a “high tea at the sea” experience. Enjoy the delicious Seafood lunch, but don’t go overboard. The nights will be so wonderful! It will be a memorable experience to share a sweet, romantic meal with your spouse while you enjoy the city lights and starry night skies of Sydney.

  • Watch Dolphins At Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a beautiful spot that offers an incredible experience. Port Stephens is a popular spot for dolphin-watching in Sydney. It can take you closer to the real mermaids.

The Dolphins, one of the world’s most intelligent marine mammals, are seen in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Port Stephens will be home to the Australian Kangaroos if you wish to meet them.

  • Flower Markets can lift your mood

Flowers can bring joy to anyone’s day and Sydney’s Flower Markets has one for you. It is the largest market in Australia for fresh flowers and a joy for those with green fingers. Everyday, the flower market has fresh cut flowers available from 5 a.m. to Sundays. Sydney’s Flower Market is a great place to find eye-pleasing, summer flowers.

  • Watch Or Participate In A Yacht Race

A fun-filled anticipating Yacht race at Sydney Harbour marks the end of the year. The 628 mile Yacht race, which has been held every year since 1945, starts in Sydney and ends in Hobart.

The Sydney to Hobart yacht racing race is one of the most popular and loved ocean races. It attracts nearly 600,000 spectators every year. The race, which is energetic and full of energy, can be seen from the harbour. Shark island is the starting point.

  • Skydive in Sydney

Do you feel brave enough to skydive? Sydney is the perfect place to try skydiving. Get ready to dive. You will feel an incredible adrenaline rush when you dive down to 15,000 feet at a speed of more than 200 km/hr. Skydiving in Sydney during December is a thrilling experience, even though it might seem scary.

Skydiving will allow you to see the city like a bird, and also give you amazing views of Wollongong or Newcastle. Tandem dives are easy and can be done with a little practice.

  • Visit the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the place to be if you want the best experience. The Sydney Opera House has been a vibrant and exciting venue since 1960. Here you can be entertained by top performers.

The Sydney Opera House, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a marvel of human intelligence and architectural wonder. It holds the top spot on many traveler’s bucket lists. The Sydney Opera House will host the premieres of The Marriage of Figaro and La Boheme in December.

  • You can climb The Sydney Tower

December is when Sydney has clear skies and pleasant weather. This allows you to see the best of the city. This is the perfect time to visit Sydney Tower. The Sydney Tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Sydney from its observation deck, which is located at 820 feet.

You can see Sydney Harbour, Opera House, and even the Blue Mountains from this high position. The tower is extremely safe but people who fear extreme heights should not climb it.

  • Take a Cruise and See Whales

Sydney is the perfect place for you to experience an adventure whale-watching tour. December is the best month for sightings. This is when thousands of humpbacks whales return to Antarctica to enjoy the southern hemisphere’s summer.

These magnificent humpback whales are easily visible from September to December, when they migrate from Antarctica and Queensland. You can spot the newborn calves of female whales closer to shore. It’s a spectacular sight to see and, above all, a thrilling experience that is worth reliving. Many tourists flock to the beaches to capture the whales and take pictures.

  • Go Swimming At Bondi Iceberg

Swimming is a good idea, especially since it’s summer in Sydney. Bondi Iceberg Club is a famous Sydney landmark and one of the most popular ocean pools.

It is well-known for its winter bathe in the icy waters. This club offers a great view of the whole beach. To enhance the experience, people can sit down and enjoy the view from the beach. A visit to the clubhouse and 30 m pool is a must on any trip to Sydney.

  • Take a walk on the Sydney Bridge

The Sydney Bridge is a famous tourist attraction in Australia that attracts many visitors towards the end of each year. The views from the top of the structure are spectacular, but climbing up the enormous structure is something else. You can see Sydney from the Harbour bridge, and capture a lifetime memory when you return home.

Bridge climbing is a popular activity for families. They often take photographs from the Sydney Bridge. Bridge climbing is available to anyone over 8 years old, but visitors must be in good physical condition.

  • Visit Luna Park and Take a Picture with Santa

Christmas spirit is alive in December. You can’t miss the chance to capture the most beautiful Santa photos in the Luna Park, with the stunning backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House. From 1st December to 24th December, Santa is at the Luna Park every day.

Santa can be seen by people at two times per day, from 11am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 2pm. Santa is often seen on a boardwalk that overlooks the Opera House and the bridge.

  • You can witness the soccer fever and take part too

Soccer and rugby are like religions in Australia. There are many games taking place in Sydney in December. Tourists can also cheer on the players. You might be able see the national team in action if you buy your tickets in advance. You can still enjoy the excitement of the local teams.

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